Scope of Practice

A mother who is nurtured throughout her pregnancy and the postpartum period is better able to nurture and care for herself, and for her infant. 


PRENATAL: Support for parents during this exciting, preparation-focused, and meaningful time before baby's arrival. 

  • Coaching new moms and couples prenatally, as they prepare to welcome baby to the family. Emphasis on:

    • The immediate postpartum period and the support (physical and emotional) that mom will require

    • Maintaining personal identities once baby arrives

    • Meeting personal needs while also caring for baby

    • Managing the home and daily life with baby in tow

    • Identifying ways mom and partner can bond with baby 1:1

    • Redefining roles and responsibilities once baby enters the home

  • Prenatal Nursery Audit: Make way for baby! The Nursery Audit involves assessing your family’s home environment, learning about your family’s preferences, and providing tailored recommendations. Our goal is to provide you with customized guidance to help you prepare the nursery space, master bedroom, and communal spaces for the fourth trimester.


POSTPARTUM: In-home support during the early days after birth, and into the first few months postpartum (average contract: 10 weeks)


  • Coaching couples as they step into their new parental roles and move through this transformative time. Facilitating conversation around how mom and partner can support each other during the fourth trimester, and into the first year.

  • Emotional support around bonding with baby, holding space to discuss your birth story

  • Fundamental newborn care techniques: Swaddling, diapering, nail and skin care, and bathing

  • Newborn nurturing and soothing techniques, including but not limited to: Tuning into and responding to baby's cues, learning how to meet your newborn's need for non-nutritive sucking (comfort sucking), introducing and encouraging methods of self-soothing, and mastering methods of putting baby to sleep for daytime naps and overnight.

  • Guidance on building a daily routine with baby: Sleep, feedings, hygiene, and activity habits

  • Breastfeeding support and education: Assisting and encouraging the breastfeeding triad of mother, baby, and support person; demonstrating optimal breastfeeding positions; assistance optimizing baby's latch; establishing adequate milk supply; troubleshooting common breastfeeding issues; and escalating case to expert resources, if necessary.

  • Support for exclusively pumping and/or supplementary pumping moms: Pumping tutorial, and information for safe breastmilk handling and storage.

  • Bottle-feeding and supplementing support: Introducing the bottle and/or re-introducing the bottle, supplementing with formula (if needed), bottle-feeding education, and guidance in bottle selection and trialing


  • Caregiving for baby: Giving parent time to rest, spend special time with older children, or relax together as a couple

  • Providing hands-on care for mom, baby and partner during the fourth trimester (weeks 0-12 postpartum)

  • Household organization: Light meal prep, nursery tidying, and baby laundry


  • Baby-wearing: Baby carrier selection, education, and baby-wearing techniques

  • Tips for building a foundation for healthy sleep

  • Sibling adjustment: Guidance around introducing baby to older siblings, giving older children special attention, allowing older kids to take on special older child responsibilities, and integrating baby into the older children's lives

  • Identifying appropriate resources and making referrals on a case-by-case basis: Support groups, acupuncturists, chiropractors, lactation consultants, nutritionists, mommy-and-me classes, and other services

  • Milestones and growth spurt education



1. Madeleine and BabySavvy Co. doulas do not perform medical procedures or give medical advice

2. Clientele includes adoptive parents and parents via surrogacy 

3. Clientele includes some mothers who opt out of breastfeeding, and choose to supplement with formula. BabySavvy Co. believes in supporting each mother in her breastfeeding and/or baby feeding journey. Some breastfeeding journeys are shorter than others for various reasons. We fully respect each mother in her choices.

4. Doulas have experience working with singleton and twins families