What is Postpartum Support?

We have all heard the saying before: "It takes a village to raise a baby."


... Well, it's true. 

The first twelve weeks with baby (also known as the "fourth trimester") can be hard. You and your partner are likely to feel overwhelmed as you step into your new roles, suddenly responsible for a tiny human life. While the feeling of overwhelm is normal with new parents, we help to ease that transition.

Humans are not designed to birth a newborn baby, raise and feed said baby, manage their day-to-day life, and recover from birth alone. We need our support system of friends and family - our "village."

Who makes up your "village"?

  • Parents or in-laws?

  • Cousins?

  • A favorite aunt or uncle?

  • Best friends?

In this city of transplants, the minority of our clients are fortunate enough to have immediate family living nearby, available to support them throughout the fourth trimester. Within this minority, it is even rarer for a client to have local family members -- or even friends -- whom: 

  1. They would trust to safely care for their newborn baby

  2. They would be comfortable hosting in their homes on recurring basis

  3. Are knowledgeable about birth, breastfeeding, safe breastmilk and/or formula guidelines, postpartum recovery, current newborn care practices, newborn development, infant sleep guidelines -- and everything else that falls within a postpartum doula's scope of practice

So, what are new parents without local and/or baby-savvy family to do? 

Enter: The postpartum doula.

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What is a postpartum doula? 

A postpartum doula is a professional who provides in-person emotional and physical support to mom, baby, and the entire family unit.

She educates parents with evidenced-based information on things such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother–baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care (American Pregnancy Association). She makes referrals to specialists, as necessary. 


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BabySavvy Co. provides postpartum support, hands-on care, and life coaching for new moms. We collaborate with a strong community of experienced and reliable, San Francisco-based practitioners. We are here to support new moms and dads -- just like you.